1928 Marx, Funny Face (Harold Lloyd) Walker in Original Box

1928 Marx, Funny Face (Harold Lloyd) Walker in Original Box

Very nice example of Marx’s classic “Funny Face” tin litho wind-up walker which automatically alters its facial expressions as it moves. The toy is complete, all original and works well. Grades excellent overall.

BUT what really sets this toy apart from any example I’ve sold or seen is the box itself. By far, it’s the highest grade for a Funny Face box I’ve ever seen. Without a single blemish it grades near mint to mint condition. Yes, it’s complete. And yes, it’s all original and doesn’t have any repairs. It’s definitely not a reproduction, nor is any part of it a reproduction. I don’t know how such a thing could be possible after 84 years, but regardless, this is one of those very rare instances where the box makes the toy so desirable. I’d guess that it would be very difficult to find one better.

The toy, although never admitted by the company, is the spittin’ image of silent screen star Harold Lloyd. Wind ‘er up, it moves side to side with arm flailing, while simultaneously it’s facial features change. Using a false upper half-face (from the top lip and including the cheeks, ears, and eyes) it could appear smiling, or close mouthed and solemn. It depends on the position of the over laying upper false-face with the position of the base-face underneath it. And although it’s mechanical, the face and arms move freely by the force of the swaying body.

It’s also interesting to point out that it’s one of the few Marx toys that was not identified with the company trademark. Most likely the obvious reference to Harold Lloyd, probably without licensure, is why the toy is unmarked.

It was first available through the 1928 Sears Fall/Winter catalog for 53¢.

The black and red box features an illustration of a smiling walker surrounded by six different facial expressions. The side panels repeat the toy name above eight additional facial expressions. Bottom and top endflaps include the toy name and manufacturer information.

Size: 10½”.

Sold: Jun. 2012

Price Sold: $ 850


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