1955 Tipp & Co., No. 598F Large Friction “Touring Motorcyclist

1955 Tipp & Co., No. 598F Large Friction “Touring Motorcyclist

Here’s an example of German toy design at its finest! This is the No. 598F “Touring Motorcyclist” manufactured in Western Germany by Tipp and Company (598 was the Police version). It’s easily one of the highest quality transportation toys ever produced. Measuring 11½” it’s also one of the largest!

The toy features a highly embossed post war motorcycle with saddlebags, fender rack, framed license plate, detailed engine components with dual exhausts, foot rests, wide two-tone gas tank, forked front fender, rotating Dunlop wire wheel balloon tires, side mounted chrome fog lamps, and a large front headlight with original celluloid lens. Incredibly enough it has its complete tombstone celluloid windshield with its original chrome plated Tippco logo. Both of its original solid rubber training wheels with metal centers are present. This pair of smaller wheels turn the friction motor which also generates a grinding siren sound.

The handsome well-sculpted driver wears typical European touring garb which includes calf length boots, calf clips, side-zip trousers, and a blue and white striped collared sweater. His helmet is the skull type with goggles. Looking at the driver’s face from the front you can see that both eyes line up perfectly. That factor alone is rarely seen in Japanese or American built motorcycle toys.

The Tippco logo appears on the gas tank sides, both saddlebags, and the front windshield. “Made in Western Germany” is marked on the left exhaust.

Except for printed references this is the first example of this toy I’ve seen.

Size: 11½” long and 8” tall. 

Sold: Aug. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1535


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