1930 Jacrim Mfg. (Keystone), No.142 Seaworthy Schooner in Original Box

1930 Jacrim Mfg. (Keystone), No.142 Seaworthy Schooner in Original Box

This fantastic early pond boat was Jacrim Manufacturing’s top of the line model, and as such the most difficult to find; especially in high grade. Although I found several on the Internet including some of the auction web sites, this example, in unused near mint condition, by far grades the highest. It also comes complete with its entire original box, of which I could find no previous recorded sale. It even has its original wooden stand. 

This pond boat has the unusual feature of two masts, fore and aft, which classifies it as a true schooner. The three sails, Main, Fore, and Jib are cotton linen. Each is reinforced with hemmed folded edges with brass grommets. The lines have been replaced, but the originals are still inside the box. I used old-looking necklace catches to easily dismantle and reassemble them for shipping.

The solid wood hull was painted white with a single black stripe above the water line and solid green below. The weighted keel and movable rudder are pressed steel. The deck, fore hatch, and cabin are finished wood. The cabin roof is orange with its original “Seaworthy Boats” decal. The original stand is made from solid unfinished cedar.

The 3-dimensional triangular box is complete with all six original endflaps. It’s plain cardboard with one main panel printed with the model name, number, and manufacturer information. One of the half-circle endflaps also included the company name and model number.

The Jacrim Company produced wooden toys for Keystone Mfg. as early as 1922. They were acquired in 1930. The Jacrim name was discontinued in 1934.

Size: 24”length and 32” tall including the stand. 

Sold: Jun. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1800


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