1970 Marx Apollo Lunar Landing Miniature Playset in Box

1970 Marx Apollo Lunar Landing Miniature Playset in Box

Never seen Marx mini-playset until I purchased it from the original owner's estate. It's been stored since new; never played with... never removed from original window box!

Many items, toys included, were produced to commemorate NASA's spectacular 1969 moon landing. Advertised as "hand decorated by Artists By MARX", this miniature playset was set into a window display box. Actually it's a diorama with parts of the lunar landscape raised to give it three-dimensional depth. It was actually made in Taiwan and distributed by Marx in the U.S. 

Louis Marx & Co. as a privately owned firm ceased to exist only a few short years after it was produced.

It includes 10 pieces, all plastic, all hand colored, and all still factory thread tied to the original card (two orange astronauts, one white astronaut, three gray moon craters, one black moon crater, one moon boulder, and one pile of moon rocks. It's complete and nothing has been detached from the card. 

The toy is really neat, but it's the combination with the box illustrations that really make it look fantastic. It was beautifully printed in bold colors and shows several stages of the Apollo mission. Around the cellophane window is shown images of the Saturn rocket, NASA emblem, and American flag on the moon. Aprons illustrate third stage docking with the Lunar Module, capsule jettison, and lunar exploration with Earth rise in the background. The box bottom is blank white. The cellophane window is original to the toy and is complete without any tears or cracks. 

Size: 9½" x 4½" x 2½".

Price Sold: $


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