1957 Marx US Army Jeep & Searchlight Trailer in Original Box

1957 Marx US Army Jeep & Searchlight Trailer in Original Box

Awesome pressed steel set by Marx containing U.S. Army Jeep with Searchlight Trailer. Never played with or assembled. In near mint+ condition complete with original box, instructions, unmounted searchlight, and unopened bag of mounting screws.

Marx manufactured several iterations of their Willys Jeep and in different color variations; plus there were character jeeps like Roy Rogers. The U.S. Army Jeep made its debut around 1956. That version also came with several plastic soldiers. The Searchlight trailer from that set also had a rubber exhaust stack. A Radar Unit set and Howitzer set were also produced.

This particular set is old store stock and was never played with. It's complete with every part. Nothing has been repainted or repaired. The Searchlight has never been mounted to the trailer. As evidence of this please note the two upright supports which would hold the Searchlight. Holes at the ends of these mounts would normally be used to thread screws into the sides of the light. Excess factory applied paint dried inside the holes creating a thin film. Once the screws are attached the film is perforated and the film is gone. However, the screws have never been removed from their original wax bag. And the holes at the ends of the support have never been perforated. I made it a point of showing this in one of my photo's. Oh, and I tried the Searchlight and it works great using the original bulb!

Additional features include all steel construction, dark olive green paint throughout, "Willys" trademark name stamped into the hood and windshield, a single large decal star on the Jeep hood, folding aluminum windshield, hinged Jeep hood, swiveling Searchlight mount, silver plastic Searchlight motor, polyvinyl black plastic treaded tires embossed Lumar, and a silver plastic steering wheel.

Every ounce of the original packing materials are included. That consists of 1) the original box printed with olive colored text, 2) original Searchlight assembly instructions showing schematics and directions, 3) all three (complicated) folded cardboard inserts, 4) original wax screw bag with factory tape, and 5) wax paper separator (not shown). This last item slides between the windshield and the front hood to protect it from scratching. 

Size: Jeep 11", Trailer 12½", Searchlight 4½" diameter. 

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 231


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