1928 Marx, No.1010 Cross Country Flyer in Original Box

1928 Marx, No.1010 Cross Country Flyer in Original Box

Really neat toy consists of a clockwork silver, yellow, red, yellow and tomato colored biplane (6¼" long, 7" wingspan) with spring powered motor, a tin 5" long zeppelin with a single red celluloid propeller, a 13½" tall beacon tower fixed to the roof of a 4" tall x 6½" square orange and black airmail hanger base. The hanger's front door is hinged and closes with a swinging latch, and a 22½" long support arm. 

This is the only tower toy in which the zeppelin or aeroplane do not need to make ground contact to operate. Both weigh approximately the same and are air suspended even when not in use. It's also the tallest mechanical tower flyer toy ever produced measuring 17½" tall. It's also the only tower toy which uses a hanger as a base and with a door that opens.

The box front cover has an awesome red, white, and blue full panel, bird's-eye view illustration of the biplane and zeppelin flying around the central beacon and tower. The toy name was printed perspectively across the entire panel. The back of the box was printed with a large schematic, plus directions for using the toy. The side panels have another illustration of the two air vehicles along with the toy name. The endflaps are all text. 

Please note the following; 1) the support arm is from the Marx Sky Flyer which was produced in 1927. Although it does work, it's not correct for the toy. 2) Secondly, the zeppelin has been touched-up. It too is from a Marx Sky Flyer set. I've seen only one original Cross Country Flyer zeppelin. Regarding these two points I'm aware of only one complete, all-original example of the toy..... and I sold it several years ago for considerably more than this example.

Size: Toy see above. Box 13" x 6½" x 5".

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 271


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