c.1960 B.C.M., Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol in Original Box

c.1960 B.C.M., Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol in Original Box

"In 1947 the young Lesney (Matchbox) company was first introduced to the possibility of manufacturing toys when a company called M.Y. Dart inquired if Lesney could make a part for their die cast toy cap gun which was called the "BCM Space Outlaw" ray gun".

Historically, the statement above was the Internet only fact I could find about this classic Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol.

The Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol is a recoiling barrel, repeating cap gun. It's all chrome plated die cast metal with red transparent cap chamber windows on both sides. This example is in superb unused near mint++ condition complete with its original box. It's never fired a cap!

As it states on the box, the barrel recoils every time you pull the trigger (and yes it works great!). It also simultaneously sparks a cap inside the chamber. It features a contoured grip embossed with rockets and stars, plus a flanged tube-like rear sight, and pop up front sight. It has a stationary knurled ring on each side of the frame just in front of the trigger. The button in the center rear of the frame, (below and to the right of the flanged sight in the first photo), pushes down to open the cap chamber.

The box was printed with a color illustration of several "space outlaws" floating above a planet. A flying saucer pursued by a rocket is shown in the background. The multicolored endflaps and side panels were printed with the toy and manufacturer name, as well as the country of origin.

Size: 10".  

Sold: Feb. 2009

Price Sold: $ 162


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