1959 Haji, Ford Fairlane, House Trailer Set in Original Box

1959 Haji, Ford Fairlane, House Trailer Set in Original Box

Awesome tin litho set of two door Ford Fairlane Convertible, House Trailer, and three piece outdoor furniture set complete with original box and inserts. Unplayed with near mint- condition overall. That is, near mint minus. In my opinion it just misses the mark for near mint, but it's much better than excellent+.

Precise design based on 1959 Fairlane 500. Embossed tin litho with rear wheel friction drive motor. Red with red and yellow interior. Interior has twin bench seats, black lithoed floor boards, metal steering wheel, rear black cowl, and simple lithoed dashboard. Loaded with chrome including windshield frame with smoker windows, arrow side moldings, rear skirts, front and rear wrap around bumper assemblies, taillights, brake lights, hitch, and wheel covers. Features authentically styled Ford logo front hood ornament and and rear trunk Fairlane logo (both didn't show up well in my photo's). Single plate chassis with embossed frame and silver litho rivet heads, plus trans axle details. Tires are solid black rubber with tin litho whitewalls. Windshield is original blue tinted celluloid. Size: 8".

House Trailer
Embossed tin litho with free spinning rear rubber tires. Multicolored three tone exterior (pale yellow, red, and blue) features a lift-up exterior wall on right side in front of the door. Chrome plated latch locks the wall down into place. In the raised position it reveals stove and kitchen sink cabinetry. The panels facing outwards were lithoed as cabinets, while the panels facing up show stove burners, sink, and spigots. Dividing wall with door separates the front and rear halves of the trailer. The front section also has a total of 17 framed window panels with their original blue tinted celluloid windows. The two rear side windows, plus the round oval window on the door and the large rear tail window are all lithoed. Of course, the rear window has two kids making faces at the drivers, the left shows a woman with coffee, and best of all the right rear was lithoed with a dapper gent puffing away on a cig. The trailer roof was embossed with four skylights, two vents, and a circular exhaust. The chassis is single plate, lithoed slate gray. The front hitch with small black rubber parking wheels can swivel 360°. Size: 8" excluding hitch.

Outdoor Furniture 
Two 50's style chairs with red seats and backs, plus a "spirograph" pattern table top lithoed in blue and white. Legs and supports on all three pieces are made from metal rods. The three are still attached to the original die cut cardboard insert. This prevented them from moving around inside the box. Table edge is marked "Made in Japan". Size: Table top 2" diameter. 1¼" tall. Chairs 2" tall.

Features full cover color illustration showing an accurate rendition of the entire toy with family in a park setting. Toy name and manufacturer were also printed on the cover, along with "friction motor". Text was reprinted on all four side aprons with simple portrait drawings. Includes original cardboard divider. Size: 8¼" x 5½" x 3½"

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 1238


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