1951 Chad Valley, Carr's London Bus Biscuit Tin in Original Box

1951 Chad Valley, Carr's London Bus Biscuit Tin in Original Box

Magnificent example of Chad Valley's (United Kingdom) Carr's London Double Decker Bus Biscuit Tin. Wind-up clockwork version (free moving version was also produced) with its correct Chad Valley key. Incredible high grade toy in near mint- (minus) condition. And even more incredible it comes with its rare original box. which is the only one I've seen for this toy.

The Chad Valley series of vehicle tins were actually manufactured by Barringer, Wallis & Manners. Hollow, with removable top, it was primarily conceived for use a promotional container; not a toy. To make it more cost effective and decrease shipping weight it was made completely of narrow gauge pressed aluminum, not tinplate. This made for a perfect short-term food container, but not so good for an antique toy. Most didn't survive and those that did were usually dented and scratched. The box, like most food boxes, was frequently thrown away.

The tin was accurately scaled to resemble a double-decker London bus complete with rear step-up doorway, two-tier silvered windows, driver on the right side, balloon tires (rear driven), and ticket taker. Like most London buses it was lithographed bright red, yellow and creme trim, with gray removable roof. Product brand names and destinations were lithoed on all four sides. The yellow and red sides of the bus, plus the fenders have a flat finish. The roof and wheels are gloss lithoed, while the windows have a chrome or silvered finish.

The unique die-cast metal, double sided round key was embossed "A Chad Valley Toy, Made At Harborne Birmingham" and "Made in Wee-kin England".

And best of all the clockwork motor works beautifully!

The two main box panels were illustrated with a shaded view of the London Transport. A striated silhouette of Buckingham Palace and Parliament with Big Ben in the back ground can be seen. The toy name and address were printed on the sides and endflaps.

One of the neatest things about any antique toy is knowing something about its history. Usually the identity of its original owner is lost forever. However, in this case a personal inscription was written on the box with a fountain pen. Unlike an autograph, I think this enhances its attractiveness. It also explains the reason for its extraordinary unplayed condition.

Size: 10". 

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 1298


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