c.1947 Gescha, Express-Boy in Original Box

c.1947 Gescha, Express-Boy in Original Box

Superb mint in box store stock; first time out of the box was for these photos. Clockwork tin litho and composition complete with original box and separate original key. 

Whimsical toy consists of a tin litho suitcase, or trunk, marked with various world destination stickers and wrap around lithoed straps. A porter, standing behind the case, appears to be pushing it from the back end. Just as it starts to move, he stops pushing, the front of the case lowers, and the porter belly flops on top of the case. The toy continues moving under its own power with the porter on top of the case. 

The clockwork motor is housed inside the case, but it gives the illusion that the figure is providing the power. Toy works great although I didn't let it run through it's paces because it could've easily gotten scratched. The underside of the trunk was lithoed with the manufacturer name, patent number, and marked "Made in. U.S. Zone, Germany". The porter was made with tin litho arms and legs, wooden torso, and hand painted composition head. 

The box is illustrated with two full color illustrations. One, without any text, shows the Express-Boy riding the trunk down a flight of stairs. It appears that he had just taken the case from a surprised train passenger who looks on. Another porter and other passengers are also spectators. The opposite panels include the toy and manufacturer name. Below these it shows the Express-Boy struggling to push the case along the floor. The endflaps were printed with the Gescha trademark, patent number, and marked "Made in Germany U.S. Zone".

Size: Approx. 3½" long.

Sold: Dec. 2008

Price Sold: $ 256


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