c.1958 Two Japanese Made Tin & Wood, Cork Pop-Gun Rifles

c.1958 Two Japanese Made Tin & Wood, Cork Pop-Gun Rifles

Two unusual, never used and never played with, toy cork pop-gun rifles. Both are store stock, still with the original cork string wound around their barrels. 

First rifle : Natural varnished wood stock and frame with polished tin barrel. Each side has embossed tin litho bullet cylinder. Rifle is cocked by pulling back on spring loaded cocking mechanism with original black painted wooden handle. Rear of gun barrel is also black painted wood. Original cork tethered by original string still wound around the barrel. Trigger guard is polished tin. Trigger is black painted metal with 100& of its original paint. Also includes original black leather sling neatly held in place by its two metal tacks.

Size: 15". 

Second rifle: Blue painted wood stock and frame with tin litho bullet cylinder. Ornate red, white, and blue striped and swirled tin litho barrel with gold stars on the end. Some of the striping is also gold. Trigger guard is also tin litho and has the same multicolored lithography. Trigger guard is identical to the first rifle; embossed tin litho. Trigger is blue painted metal with 100% of its original color intact. Cocking mechanism and barrel end have black painted wooden handles. No rifle strap...never had one!

Size: 10½".

Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 47


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