1954 Wyandotte, Machinery Hauler w/Steam Shovel in Original Box

1954 Wyandotte, Machinery Hauler w/Steam Shovel in Original Box

I couldn't believe the condition of this massive, three piece pressed steel Machinery Hauler with Steam Shovel manufactured by All Metal Products (Wyandotte). Because of its size, weight, and limited production (it was produced at the tail-end of Wyandotte's business), it's a difficult toy to find in high grade.... especially with its original box. I'm conservatively grading it near mint - (minus). 

As in real life, this set uses a low-boy machinery hauler and flatbed with 1) an extended drop down tail ramp, 2) a tow hook, and 3) a crank wheel to carefully load and transport heavy equipment. Wyandotte did a fantastic job designing the hauler. The tail ramp lifts and lowers easily. It lays perfectly flush to the floor and tucks in neatly in the raised position. It uses a nickel plated crank wheel, metal tow hook, and thick cord. Like the actual hauler, the tow hook can't be pulled out manually. It must be cranked out using the wheel. This prevents the Steam Shovel from falling off during transit. 

The cab has two large treaded rubber tires and a removable red plastic engine. A black rubber plug was used to cap off the exhaust port (I don't believe this is original to the toy). The flatbed runs on six solid black rubber tires. 

The bright orange steam shovel uses two manually controlled cranks to raise, lower, and extend the shovel. Simultaneously it produces a loud grinding sound. Dumping is accomplished by pulling the cord tied to the bottom of the shovel. The cords are all original and in excellent, usable condition. The cab is capable of swiveling 360º. The machine moves using treaded, tractor type, wheels. The treads are solid black rubber. The inside wheels are wood. The red engine is the only plastic part of the toy.

The box has a single color illustration of an Indian holding a blanket with a "W" on it. It still has its original mailing label. The catalog number was also printed on this panel. One of the side panels has some black grease pencil writing "shovel on truck". The rest of the box is blank except for a generic "ship to" label. The original paper packing material is still inside the box. 

Size: Flatbed extended 20". Cab 8". Steam Shovel (as you see it in the first photo) 19".

Sold: May 2009

Price Sold: $ 517


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