1934 Marx, Clockwork Bear Cyclist in Original Box

1934 Marx, Clockwork Bear Cyclist in Original Box

This uncommon toy was one of the earliest animal toys produced by Marx. It's also one of the strangest looking. Probably because it was patterned after a nearly identical Marx toy; the Monkey Cyclist produced in 1933. To cut expenses Marx changed only the shape of the Monkey's ears and whalla! Instant Bear Cyclist! This example 

The Bear Cyclist was made from tin (bear and wheels) and steel litho (cycle frame). It's a spring-lever activated toy. Push the lever down all the way, set it onto a smooth surface and release it. And away it scoots. It's articulated at the knees, feet, and hips which give it life-like movement. 

It's beautifully designed in bright orange, red, green, yellow, and light brown (bear color) and is one of the few Marx tin toys that required assembly. To fit into a smaller box and reduce cost, the bear was not connected to the cycle. A separate cotter pin was supplied. Instructions for assembly and operation were printed on the box. 

Like many early Marx toys there's a slight difference in shade between the two halves of the toy. The right side of the bear and wheels are a shade lighter than the left. This is not due to fading. 

An illustration of the Bear Cyclist was printed on three box panels in dark blue. This drawing looks even more odd than the toy and note the speed lines behind the bear meant to infer speed. As mentioned, the fourth panel includes a schematic for the toy's assembly. But look closely at the schematic illustration. It's nearly identical to Marx' earlier Monkey Cyclist. Somehow cost reduction was probably the reason.

Size: 6" tall and 6" long. 

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 261


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