c.1952 Bandai, B-619 Ocean (Speed) Boat in Original Box

c.1952 Bandai, B-619 Ocean (Speed) Boat in Original Box

Large, manually wound friction drive B-619 Ocean (Speed) Boat by Bandai. Early 50's toy comes complete with beautiful original box. Wonderful unused near mint+ condition.

Fantastic embossed tin litho speed boat with three dimensional driver and working engine. Propeller spins, rudder can be positioned, and the top of the motor has a swirling circular red and blue tin litho pattern covered by its original transparent celluloid window. 

The top half of the boat was lithoed in light lime green, with a black center divider and cockpit liner. The rear right corner was lithoed with the Bandai trademark. The bow is red and white striped. An embossed driver sits at the controls. The dashboard and driver details including goggles and gloves are all lithoed. I believe this same head section was used for some of Bandai's early 50's small torpedo racers. The steering wheel is polished tin. The hull is solid cherry red. 

Turning the manual crank causes the propeller to spin rapidly while generating a high pitched siren sound (probably just the sound of the motor). The crank still has its original vinyl covering. The beautiful blue and red outboard motor is permanently attached. It has an eagle emblem in front and "B-619" on either side.

The box cover illustration is one of the most realistic and detailed drawings I've seen for a Bandai toy. It shows the Ocean Boat driven by its helmeted pilot wearing a life preserver. It's shown skimming across the top of the water, crossing the checkerboard buoy finish line in the background. The apron illustrations contain several simple line drawings including one of a racer crossing the finish line. The manufacturer name and trademark are nearly invisible in the lower right cover corner. B-619 on the boat and box was the actual product catalog number for this toy. One apron corner has an unusual "Packing Slip Enclosed" sticker on it.

Size: 12". 

Sold: Jan. 2009

Price Sold: $ 243


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