c.1957 Bandai, Thunder Jet Speed Boat in Original Box

c.1957 Bandai, Thunder Jet Speed Boat in Original Box

Outstanding battery operated tin litho "Thunder Jet" by Bandai. Works great! Conservatively grades excellent+ and comes complete with original battery box and original package box. 

Toy consists of a sleek, though wide, streamlined tin litho speed boat with figural driver at the helm. Driver's arms are embossed. Head was a separately attached. Boat is heavily embossed with 10 valve silver lithoed engine hatch and rear cowl. Toy features a rear, jet-like, red and yellow upright tail with stabilizer wings. Rudder can be turned. Propeller rotates right of left (forwards or reverse). 

Top deck is lithoed with lotsa details around the engine and hatch cover, while white with red striping surrounds the driver. The name of the boat was lithoed on both edges of the deck. The hull, essentially, is blue, white and red in that order. Includes original wrap around celluloid windshield. 

Vehicle comes with its original blue tin litho, two button, battery box, with cardboard battery insert. It's tethered using its original whopping 7ft long wire (so it was definitely designed to be run in water). 

Original box features a beautiful full color perspective illustration of the Thunder Jet in action skimming across the water's surface close to land. A viaduct and buildings can be seen in the background. The box was marked only with the U.S. distributor's name, Cragstan. The boat itself is lithoed with the Bandai logo just above the propeller. The box front and rear aprons were printed with simple schematics for loading the batteries. The original tissue and cardboard separators are still inside the box.

Size: 9".

Sold: Mar. 2009

Price Sold: $ 121


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