1928 Marx, Red Devil Stunt Auto in Original Box

1928 Marx, Red Devil Stunt Auto in Original Box

Possibly a unique example of a previously unknown Marx toy. This is the Red Devil Stunt Auto. Predominately narrow gauge pressed steel (only the driver and auto wheels are tin litho) and comes complete with its original box. It's the only example of either the toy, or box, I've seen.

Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys Vol. II makes mention of a similar toy called the No.16 Stunt Auto Racers, however there is no reference to this Red Devil version. I dated it using a 1928 Sears catalog. It was originally available for only one year.

It's a relatively simple toy which uses a mouse-trap like device to automatically "jump" a moving auto. It consists of an inclined plane with two groves on each side. One end has a raised support which provides the incline. The lower end trails off to a flat section about 2½" long. The entire track measures 11". On the flat end is a wire rod held in place by a spring. The spring itself is supported 1" above the track. The wire rod locks down into a perpendicular groove. A polished tin silver clip holds it in place. The auto has notches on both underside edges which fit precisely onto the wire rod. Start the racer at the high end, let go, it rolls down striking the clip which releases the spring held rod. The rod catches into the grooves on the auto to lift it up, over, and down the other side beyond the track. It always lands upright! It's a simple toy, but fantastic to watch.

Just as amazing as finding the toy itself it also still has its original box. Graphics show several young-type-kids watching in fascination as the auto jumps over the obstacle. The toy name, manufacturer name, and address are also printed. This image was printed on two panels. On one of the remaining panels is just a graphic of the toy with the auto midway down the track. The opposite panel was printed with a complex, wordy set of instruction. The endflaps on both ends are missing.

Size: Track 11", Auto 2½".

Sold: Jan. 2009

Price Sold: $ 394


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