c.1965 Hayashi Armored Car Savings Bank In Original Box

c.1965 Hayashi Armored Car Savings Bank In Original Box

Unusual tin litho, friction drive Armored Car Savings Bank manufactured by Hayashi. First time I've sold anything from this Japanese company. Van-like vehicle in superb near mint condition. Comes complete with original key and original box.

In addition to the neatly lithoed dollar signs the toy features a locking, wide rear door. It automatically opens when the latch is released followed by a continuous bell alarm. It opens at a nice rate; not too fast or slow. And all the while this loud bell keeps ringing until it won't open any further.

Closing the door resets the internal mechanism. It both locks and latches to keep it shut. The toy has a coin slot in the roof so that it can be used as an actual bank. The alarm is "tripped" when the robbers try to empty the cache inside.

The toy is all embossed tin litho with chrome plated details. The only plastic component is the steering wheel. It has a bench seat interior with a lithoed rear gun rack. On the rack is a rather large shotgun and a laser rifle. The windshield is divided and lithoed black. It has its original celluloid windshield. The front grille, bumper, and head lights are plated, as well as the rear bumper door latch and wheel hubs.

The side view of the bank guard can be seen in both rear windows. "Armored Car" was lithoed on the roof, "Savings Bank" on the sides, and best of all the two dollar signs on the front and back. The underside is a single plate chassis lithoed black. The tires are solid black rubber. The separate key is original to the toy.

Two-thirds of the box cover were illustrated with a detailed drawing of the armored car. Its shown parked with several guards making a night deposit (or withdrawal). The toys featured abilities to lock and alarm are noted on the cover and all four side aprons. The sides also include a drawing of a hand depositing a coin and the mechanical door. The Cragstan name appears numerous times, however they were the U.S. distributor, not the manufacturer. A single small "H" logo printed in the corner of one of the aprons provides the only clue to the manufacturer's true identity. Original $1.33 price is still attached.

Size: 9½"

Sold: May 2008

Price Sold: $ 232


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