1928 Marx, Stutz Roadster in Original Box

1928 Marx, Stutz Roadster in Original Box

Superb near mint example of one of the most elusive of all early Marx roadsters. Comes complete with rare original box. Although larger than other Marx cars of the period, the body is similar.

Ads call the car by an assortment of names, such as Stutz Flyer, Stutz Racer, or Stutz Roadster. It was sold both with and without a top.

The pale yellow car has red accents. Some ads mention that a second version was produced in yellow with green trim, but this is unconfirmed. This example has a dark red top, metal wheels with red centers and gray rims, red fenders, red running boards with step, a pale yhellow grile and stamped metal dummy headlights.

The Marx logo appears on the rear along with the spare tire. The driver is of the early series and sits upright instead of being hunched over. Stutz in green letters is lithoed on the upper part of the grille.

The box features a beautiful panel-wide illustration of the actual vehicle in ¾ perspective from a low angle. To date this is the only complete example of the box known.

Size: 15" x 4" x 5½".

Sold: Aug. 2009

Price Sold: $ 3682


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