1962 Marx Acme Markets Van Trailer & Hauler in Original Box

1962 Marx Acme Markets Van Trailer & Hauler in Original Box

THE Marx Acme Markets Van Trailer and Hauler complete with original box, inserts, and waxed separators. I wanted this truck so badly when I was a kid, but scream as I did, I never got it. My Grandfather managed an A&P Grocery Market. Of course, Marx produced an A&P truck, but I wanted the Acme version because of the giant block letter white "A" over the front radiator. It was an in-store exclusive available for purchase only at Acme. This is the first above average boxed example I've found.

The truck cab is primarily bright blue with white side panels and trim. "Trim" includes the overhead lights, trailer hook-ups, step-up's, gas caps, radiator implements including headlamps, and of course that awesome capitol "A". It's eight heavily treaded wheels are rugged polyethylene plastic with tin litho bulls-eye hubs. The hitching platform does not move. The trailer is predominately silver and lined with narrow blue side stripes. The Acme logo appears on both sides, plus the front, and on each rear door. The rear doors open "barn style" from the center. They have a spring mechanism which keeps them tightly shut, yet are easy to open. The trailer's chassis is blue on the underside and inside the van. The roof is pitched upwards slightly down the center. It uses a single peg hitch. It does not have fold down parking wheels. The four wheels in back are similar to the rear set on the cab. They're not double wheeled. It has both of its original polyethylene mud flaps. The truck, in total, has eight wheels. The cab and trailer together weighs nearly eight pounds. 

The beautiful red, white, yellow, and blue box has a great illustration of the moving Acme truck on two main panels. The Marxie Marx logo, in use for just three years, was printed just below the truck. The other two side panels shows a lucky kid at play with the rear doors open. The trucks features are pointed out with long yellow arrows just so you won't miss them. The endflaps include the Marx Guarantee, toy name, and catalog number. One end is still factory sealed. Also included is its original cardboard insert and thick, waxed paper divider. 

Size: 25" x 6½" x 8½". 

Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 446


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