1965 Yonezawa BMW 2000 CS Coupe in Original Box

1965 Yonezawa BMW 2000 CS Coupe in Original Box

Awesome tin litho battery operated BMW 2000 CS Coupe manufactured by Yonezawa. Immaculate and unplayed toy auto in pristine mint condition complete with original box! Works beautifully!

Although I'm personally familiar with BMW, I had never heard of the 2000 CS before finding this battery operated toy. Only 14,000 cars were built from 1965-69 and less than 1000 still exist. It featured a radically unique forward slanted "shark-nose" front end (and yes, the term "shark-nose" was actually used by BMW to describe this model). It was also the first BMW considered as the iconic sport-luxury automobile. 

This auto toy a 2-door coupe lithoed in light tan tinplate. It's fairly large measuring 11½" long. The doors, front hood, and trunk are embossed as well as the hood divider and vents. The tin litho interior are embossed to show the divisions between the front and rear seats with simple dashboard and bench seat details. The steering wheel is yellow plastic. The Yonezawa logo is on the rear window well. The underside chassis is glossy jet black. Unlike many battery-op cars it has a centrally located 5th wheel connected directly to the motor giving it random circular movement. 

Lots of chrome plated stuff too; Front bumper with separate "arrowheads", individual right and left elongated headlights, individual BMW "kidney" shaped front grilles, front and rear windshield frames, wrap around rear bumper, single elongated tail light assembly with separate #6361 license plate, plus authentic BMW blue, white, and black wheel cover logos. It has both original, hood mounted plated rear-view mirrors (which could easily be broken off), original front and rear blue tinted celluloid windshields and solid black rubber tires with tin litho covers. There are no vertical dividers between the front and rear side windows except for the "smoker" windows. 

Battery operations include forward and reverse movement, plus steering. Curiously with such a high quality toy car the original tethered remote control battery box is all plastic other than the battery terminals and steering wheel coil. The company relied upon plastic teeth to maintain the high torque needed to hold the tension in the coil. One or two quick turns could easily break off a few teeth and this is exactly what happened. Two teeth are chipped, but the wheel still turns slightly. It most likely occurred after one or two times trying to turn the steering wheel. However, it's such a minor point that I didn't consider it as affecting the overall grade. 

The box features a panel wide illustration of a navy blue 2000 CS. A poor, but typically drawn, youngster is shown above the car using the remote controller. Text, in both English and German cover just about every blank space on the box. The Yonezawa logo was printed on the front lower left corner. The original insert is also included. 

Size: 11½". 

Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 340


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