1963 Aoshin Ford Fairlane Police Car in Original Box

1963 Aoshin Ford Fairlane Police Car in Original Box

Unusual battery operated, remote controlled, tin litho police car. Ford Fairlane 2-door. Works great and comes with original box and controller. 

Full title for this toy is "Motorway Patrol Car". It's lithoed an unusual pale yellow color with POLICE in large capitalized letters on the front and rear hoods. The chassis is black. Originally imported into Europe, possibly the U.K. because of its steering wheel located on the right side. It has forward and reverse actions, a loud siren, and flashing blue dome roof light. It also has both of its original faux hood-mounted emergency sirens. The original metallic roof sticker is still in place.

The interior is tin litho with shallow embossed seats and dashboard. The steering wheel is white plastic. The front and rear bumper assemblies are polished tin which has been lithographed. The front and rear windshield frames are also the same material, as well as the circular ring around the base of the dome roof light. The wheel covers are chrome plated. The antenna is coiled at the base and chrome plated. It's serves no electrical function. 

It has all of its original blue-tinted celluloid "glass", front and back. Tires are black solid rubber with tin lithoed, embossed metal covers. The Aoshin ASC trademark logo was lithoed on the rear trunk just above the word "foreign". This indicates that it is intended for foreign "consumption". There are no identifying marks on the car, or box to indicate that the car is a Ford, but that's exactly what it is. 

The remote control unit is all metal with two direction buttons. The battery insert looks original. The controller is tethered to the car with its original 30" white wire. 

The bright yellow box features a full panel illustration of the police car although it more closely resembles a '62 Galaxie. Its remote control actions are printed on just about every panel and apron. The colored boxed logo containing "scale, foreign, and Telsalda Deluxe" or those of the original Spanish importer, Telsalda Company. Like Cragstan for the U.S., Telsalda was a Spanish company for imported toys. The Aoshin logo was printed on the lower left box cover corner. 

Size: 9¾"

Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 203


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