Toy Ephemera; Copies, Clippings & Catalogs

Toy Ephemera; Copies, Clippings & Catalogs

Definitely a pile O' stuff here. Couple reproduction catalogs excellent for reference, some original newspaper clippings, and a bunch of other stuff like gallery exhibition catalogs. Some of it was published by the Antique Toy Collectors of America (ATCA). 

Here's an outline of the pieces included.

  • Schoenhut Teddy's Adventures in Africa - reproduction of c.1908 8pg. catalog published by ATCA 
  • Schuco - 98pg. spiral bound black and white reproduction of 1950's catalog 
  • Champion - reproduction of 1930's catalog, 20pgs, black and white, spiral bound (This is one of my personal favorites. I'm parting with it only because it's a duplicate). 
  • Bing - c.1912, train layouts, parts, accessories. Superb lithograph illustrations in black and white on yellow toned paper. German cover text. Reproduction published by ATCA. 
  • A.C. Williams Co. - c.1933 reproduction black and white copy, staple bound, 54pgs. One of the best for Williams toys. Again a duplicate for me.  
  • Hubley Supplement to toy catalog - 5pg black and white reproduction. Excellent reference. 
  • Hubley 1906 catalog - 20pgs. bound, with gray textured paper cover. I think I've seen 10 trillion of these. I definitely have enough.  
  • Harris Toy Company 1903 catalog - 28pg. reproduction, excellent quality, again I think I've seen a million of these.  
  • Hubley 1906 catalog - identical to the catalog listed above, but with "super rare" green cover (just kidding) 
  • Dolls, Toys, & Games - reproduction copy of 1910 Butler Bros. toy catalog, 40pgs. on everything from dolls to mechanicals, yellowed from age. (printed in 1967). 
  • Christmas Toys In The Attic - 6pg. color and black and white photo's on glossy paper. Don't know what this was used for. 
  • John West's Drawing - 40pgs. textured gray cover, illustrations in the R. Crumb style drawn by ATCA member John West. Well known artist and toy enthusiast. Published by ATCA. 
  • The Comics & Their Toys - 8pgs. black and white photo with descriptions. Good summary-type article published by ATCA. 
  • American Live Steam Toys & Their Originators -30pgs. of early steam toy dedicated to those produced only in the U.S. An ATCA publication.  
  • Selchow & Co. - 22" x 19", 4pgs. printed on heavy straw colored paper in the style of an antique newspaper with fine lithograph drawings 
  • Clippings & Miscellaneous 
  • Yesterday's Playthings, New York Times July 1990 
  • American Toy Trains not just for children, New York-Pennsylvania Collector, May 1990 
  • Hewett Toy Collection, Maine Antique Digest, May 1990. 
  • Spring Antiques Show, Maine Antique Digest, May 1990. 
  • Steam & Scenery, 6pg. 1987 booklet for steam train rides 
  • Trains, publication of the B&O Museum, early 1990's. fold-out. 
  • Illustrated London News Christmas 1957, pgs. looks like an original? 
  • Buddy L Outdoor Railroad - Color copy of large scale Buddy L trains and cars, 4pgs. 1990 reproduction. 
  • Hafner Manufacturing Ccompany - fine color laser copy of original Hafner letterhead with color train images, 1 page 
  • Cleveland 16pg 984 catalog for model aircraft plans and parts. 
  • Scientific American - one page, double sided, reproduction of page from 1879 discussing pneumatic clocks 
  • Claytor Equipment Register - 26pg, black and white Xerox identifying trains and their manufacturers 
  • Outlook Book Collectors catalog - 1998 
  • Noel Barret Toys and Trains, Maine Antique Digest December 2000 with lotsa photo's. 6pgs. 
  • New York Times auto section with photo's of evolving Jaguars, Nov. 2005 
  • Anker-Steenbouwdoozen - sepia copy of factory print, single page. 
  • Copy of Pennsylvania steel bus -  1 large long page from 1922 
  • Kingsbury - 8 page black and white Xerox copy of original toy bank patents 
  • Carpenter - 4pgs. fine litho illustration of early Carpenter toys 
  • Carette/Hubley - single page from unidentified toy newspaper. Drawings and photo. 
  • Buddy L -  single page of Outdoor Railroad parts sheet, Xerox copy. 
  • Envelope with color photo of Dornier seaplane, postmarked 1997 
  • Vergessenes Blechspielzeug - 4pgs. full color glossy photo's of rare Marklin trains; book advertisement 
  • Weeden Engines -  2pg. Xerox copy of early catalog 
  • In Love With Live Steamers - 9pg. article from Yankee Magazine, 1983. 
  • History of Kingsbury Mfg. Co. - single black and white page, 1977. 
  • Collectors Gazette - 12pg. newspaper style British magazine, 1979 
  • Sotheby's To Auction Griffith Toy Collection Dec. 9 - 2pgs. from Antiques and Arts Weekly, Nov. 2000, Griffith Robot Collection. 

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