1951 Marx Deluxe Auto Transport w/Two Cars in Original Box

1951 Marx Deluxe Auto Transport w/Two Cars in Original Box

Fantastic unused and unplayed store stock! Marx pressed steel Deluxe Auto Transport in incredible near mint+ condition. Comes complete with its two original plastic Cadillacs, steel loading ramps, original instructions, inserts and original box. The box grades near mint!

Beautiful truck consists of embossed pressed steel cab and trailer with eight intricately lithoed tinplate wheels. The two blue polystyrene plastic vehicles are Cadillacs. The two metal car ramps are still factory wrapped and banded.

The cab is brilliant, deep yellow and has its original two-piece polished tin hood divider...and it's still polished! All of the tin litho wheels have black and yellow rubber "treads", with red and yellow centers. The wheels are double-sided with solid black facing inwards. Most important of all......Please note that the cab has never been attached to the trailer! 

The trailer is a gorgeous dark red and features an earlier style sloping roof. A large green and yellow "deluxe auto transport" decal was fixed to both sides. Four die cut slots accommodate the two Caddy's. Underneath them the enclosed section can hold two more cars and uses a drop-down tail gate. Slots in the tail gate and on the edge of the roof tracks fit the steel rails. And lastly it has a manual drop down parking support lever. 

The two plastic Cadillacs run on four solid black plastic wheels. 

The box is a simple two piece cardboard with printed text cover. It has its original insert and waxed paper separators. It also still has its original schematic style instruction sheet.

This set originally sold through the Sears-Roebuck Christmas catalog for $1.94.

Size: 22½" connected. Cadillacs 6". 

Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 833


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