1950 Marx, Mechanical "Old Jalopy" in Original Box

1950 Marx, Mechanical

Incredible steel (not tin) litho. Near mint+ to mint!

Outstanding mechanical steel litho "Old Jalopy" by Marx. Fantastic near mint+ to mint condition complete with original high grade box. Actually the best one I've found in 5 years. Appears that the toy was almost never played with and the box handled infrequently.

Marx began production of this toy in 1928. It continued through 4 different versions with this one being the last. As one of the companys most popular toys, it's also one of the most colorful; deep black with red, white, and yellow graffiti strewn over the entire car body. It includes its original driver. The tires are pressed tin litho; white, with treads and spokes. Includes a rear mounted spare tire which matches the other 4. 

It's also important to remember that this is a steel litho toy, not tin. Says so right on the box!

The Jalopy uses a strong mechanical spring wind-up motor to easily speed it across smooth surfaces. Runs great in a sort of rumbling motion due to the crank-like shape of the rear axle. 

Original box is off-yellow with red print. Main panels show front and rear view illustrations of the vehicle. The side panels include manufacturer name, address, and toy name. 

Size: 7".

Sold: Feb. 2010

Price Sold: $ 408


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