c.1933 Lindstrom, Orange Whippet Racer in Original Box

c.1933 Lindstrom, Orange Whippet Racer in Original Box

Clockwork tin litho racer based on Sir Malcolm Campbell's land speed record Bluebird Racer. Mechanical Orange Whippet Racer is in excellent+ condition.  Comes complete with scarce original box and key.

Technically known as "Lindstrom's Speedway Streamlined Racer" it was produced in at least three color variations. The other two are yellow and green. The design is identical to Sir Malcom's racer right down to the crossed flags on the front hood and tail fin. The little black circles represent rivet heads. It has a lithoed driver integrated into the center fin. "Lindstrom" and "Made In U.S.A." were lithoed onto the rear fender corners. 

The car is powered with an enclosed clockwork motor. The covering is polished tin. The underside of the chassis was completely sealed. It runs on four white rubber tires with red painted wooden centers. The key is authentic from that time period, but is not original to the toy.

The box was decorated with two different art deco illustrations. Shown in perspective one panel shows a blue racer speeding down an orange track. An actual bluebird with massive exhaust was included on the upper right corner of each panel. One panel also has printed on it "Orange Whippet Racer". The endflaps were printed with the toy name, plus the manufacturer name and address. One endflap is a replacement.

Size: 6". 

Sold: Mar. 2010

Price Sold: $ 353


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