c.1960, Asahi Racing Sport-O-Rama in Original Box

c.1960, Asahi Racing Sport-O-Rama in Original Box

Unusual tin litho clockwork toy manufactured by Asahi (ATC), Japan. Toy features rotation of two racers and two airplanes turning simultaneously, but in opposite directions. It's in beautiful near mint condition and comes complete with original box and insert.

The toy consists of two ground and two air vehicles connected with four 9" long metal rods to a centrally located green oblong base. Making ground contact are two racers with drivers, rubber tires, and metal hubs. Above them fly two airplanes with spinning celluloid propellers. The base is lithoed to resemble a house in front of a large tree and has a multicolored bell on one side. A stop/start lever lies just to the right of the bell. It winds using an recessed attached key underneath the base. 

The toy works with the racers moving counter-clockwise, while the airplanes move clockwise. At the same time the bell rings continuously. As it picks up speed the propellers start to rotate. The thin gauge of the metal rods gives all four vehicles an occasional bounce! The effect is unusual and one that I can't recall seeing on another toy. Best of all it works great!

The color box shows a panel wide illustration of a late 1950's-early 60's racing car crossing the finish line as a man waves a red checkered flag. Two airplanes circle overhead with one just clearing the top of the racer. Cheering on-lookers watch from a distant field. Asahi's Santa logo is printed on every panel. The front and rear aprons show single drawings of the plane and racer.

Also included is the original die cut cardboard insert which perfectly fits the outline shape of the central base. The metal rods connecting the planes and racers fold in half.

Size: Racers 4". Airplanes 3½" wingspan. Assembled toy 19" diameter x 5" tall. 

This is the first complete example I've seen of this toy with its original box and insert. Four years ago I did find the toy and box without insert, but not as good condition. I purchased it from a collector in Peru.

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 109


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