1958 FAO Schwarz 16pc. Deluxe Disguise Kit in Original Box

1958 FAO Schwarz 16pc. Deluxe Disguise Kit in Original Box

Very unusual 16 piece Deluxe Disguise Kit sold through FAO Schwarz in New York City. It's never used and is complete. Comes in its original two piece hinged box with 15 matched divider box inserts. 

The box is cardboard which has been covered with a light blue textured material. It feels almost waterproof. This includes the entire lid, all exterior edges, 5/8" around the underside edge of the bottom and inside lid, ½" around the inside box bottom edge, plus the entire exterior and ½" interior lip of all 15 insert boxes. Marked on the outside cover with only "Deluxe Disguise Kit". The top is permanently connected to the bottom with a 2-piece hinge of heavy cardboard. It has its original ribbon-cloth lid holder on the inside left corner (see 1st photo). It was manufactured with just one of these cloth strips (it's not missing one on the right side).

The inside lid was covered with identically textured material (as the exterior), but with an ocher yellow color. It features a large black 1950's style print of two caricature kids wearing parts from the kit, plus the FAO block logo. The inside of the 15 box inserts were also covered with the same stuff. They're not removable.

Here's what you get:

  • "Groucho" glasses -  black plastic frames, attached rubber nose, brown faux eyebrows and mustache. 
  • "Groucho" glasses -  black plastic frames, attached rubber nose, black faux eyebrows and mustache. 
  • Corn cob pipe with plastic mouthpiece 
  • Lenticular black plastic eyeglasses with winking and wide open bloodshot eyes. Eyes have tiny bulls-eye opening. Marked Vari-Vue# U.S.A. with patent numbers on the back side. 
  • Glamor Lashes - plastic eye lashes on original card in sealed bag. Reverse side is blank.  
  • Transparent 1/3 face mask -  with pink cheeks, nose and upper lip. And black mustache. Original elastic. 
  • Plastic cigar with paper band marked Vegas Alhambra - hollow cigar. Band marked Made in Hong Kong. 
  • Metal spectacles with 1½" diameter glass lenses 
  • Black cloth eye patch with elastic - marked "Japan" on back 
  • Small clear plastic box containing woven woolen crepe hair with vial of spirit gum and instructions 
  • Novelty Monocle - 1½" diameter black metal band, glassless, with elastic - in original printed bag 
  • Rubber Nose 
  • Woolen applique black beard 
  • Woolen applique long black mustache 
  • Latex rubber bald wig  
  • Rotted fake buck teeth - painted plastic and putty 

Size: Box 18" x 12" x 2¼".

Sold: Apr. 2010

Price Sold: $ 53


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