1961 Bandai, Mazda R360 2-dr Coupe in Original Box

1961 Bandai, Mazda R360 2-dr Coupe in Original Box

Gorgeous mint green tin litho Mazda R360 2-door coupe manufactured by Bandai. Produced from 1960-66 it was the first passenger car to carry the Mazda name and weighed only 838 pounds. The toy has a rear wheel drive (friction) motor.... just like the actual car. It comes complete with its original box and photo brochure showing 12 Bandai True Scale model cars.

The tin litho body has embossed doors, trunk, hood, vents, door handles, and side molding. The Mazda name and logo was embossed on the front hood. The gas cap is separately mounted on the rear trunk along with its R360 license plate. The interior has pale yellow seats with red center divider and dashboard. Floormats and rear window well are also mint green. The black plastic steering wheel is right-side mounted. The chassis is a single black tin litho plate embossed with the car name and Bandai trademark. 

It has chrome plated front and rear windshield frames, front and rear wrap around bumpers, tear drop headlights and pull-out aerial antenna. It has both of its original blue tinted celluloid windshields and red plastic tail lights. The tires are solid black rubber with silver-green embossed wheel covers. The center hubs are lithoed in white with the original "m" Mazda logo.

The yellow and white box features a large color illustration of the R360 on the cover. Fun-type attributes like the pull-out antenna, friction motor, and "flags of all nations" are also advertised. It was also printed with the name of the U.S. distributor, Frankonia, and it's original 1962 copyright date. Color flags from 54 countries printed on the box aprons could be cut out and taped to the antenna. The box bottom is correctly stamped "GREEN" which corresponds to the car color.

Also included is the original 1961 in-box flyer for 12 True Scale model cars including the Mazda. It's double sided with six different U.S. cars on one side, and six international sports cars on the other. 

Size: 7¼"

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 685


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