C 1959 Marx Magic Marxie Trademark Plastic Figure

C 1959 Marx Magic Marxie Trademark Plastic Figure

Never seen this small soft plastic figure of the Magic Marxie logo before. It was introduced by Louis Marx and Company, in August, 1959, as the company's official logo. It was their third logo and unlike the previous two incorporated a four limbed figure. Prior to this only the Marx Toys name within a circle (in two variations) were used.

Designed as a Pixie wearing a curlicue hat it was used to introduce a barrage of television advertised toys. The company touted their campaign as "the biggest, the most powerful TV advertising barrage the toy industry has ever known!" Although this plastic figure is turquoise blue, the TV equivalent was black and white, and then in full color.

The figure was most likely produced to coincide with the ad campaign, although it may have been manufactured a year or so after its introduction. It was originally molded with an attached sprue as evidenced by the small tab on the left side of the Marx circle in the first photo. Some flashing around the base plus its overall condition probably indicates that it was never played with as a toy.

Size: 1"

Sold: Aug. 2009

Price Sold: $ 76


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