c.1948 Mettoy, "The Streamline Car" in Original Box

c.1948 Mettoy,

Gorgeous streamlined English sedan manufactured by Mettoy. All metal construction, right-hand drive, clockwork motor, original box, original key (?), and in incredible near mint+ condition. Tough to find one better!

Emerald green with russet interior "The Streamline Car" was one of a series of early post-war toy automobiles that was not 100% tinplate. The body and chassis are die cast zinc alloy. The interior seats are tinplate, but the steering wheel is again die cast zinc alloy. Only the motor housing inside the vehicle is housed in pressed steel plating. 

The design features a split front windshield, streamlined roof gradually sloping to the trunk, raised fenders, arc shaped grille, silver painted grille and headlight assembly, raised turn signals on the fenders, and gigantic front hood with a fin style radiator ornament. 

I know that Mettoy produced die cast metal keys embossed with their company name. However, more than once I've seen an unmarked diamond shaped pressed steel key. This is the type used.

It's a standard British model with the steering wheel located on the right side. The clockwork motor is controlled by the rear lever "brake". Movement is marked as "on" and "off". The Mettoy trademark and copyrights were also cast into the chassis. Tires are black solid rubber. Direction can be controlled by positioning the front wheels left or right. 

The box is an unusual rear hinged cover with both side and front locking tabs. Printed in green and black it features a beautiful illustration of the car set in front of a sunburst on both the top and bottom panels. Cleverly, "The Streamline Car" name was integrated into the burst. The same illustration with a city scene was used on the rear apron. Advertised across the front is "Made in Great Britain, The Perfect Mechanical Model".

Size: 6½"

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 228


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