1938 Marx, Running Spaniel in Original Box

1938 Marx, Running Spaniel in Original Box

This toy is an embossed tin litho "Running Spaniel" manufactured by Marx. It's unusual in that it's the only friction drive, 12" long dog produced by Marx. Although I've seen the toy three times (two at toy shows and once at a private sale), it's always been the same example. I recognize the mark on the right ear and the condition of the box. I've never seen another besides this one and I know exactly where it came from. The condition is pristine near mint+ and it's complete with its original box. 

I first saw this Running Spaniel at the Allentown Toy Show about 4 or 5 years ago. It was for sale by a dealer who had acquired it from a Marx company salesman. The man, who was in his 90's, had owned it since new. It was being sold along with several other toys all owned by the same person. I had looked it over carefully and was ready to buy it, but at the last minute I was called away. When I got back to the dealer's booth it had already been sold. 

I saw it a second time, again at Allentown. This time it was on display only and wasn't for sale. I ended up finding it a third time from a toy dealer I knew and purchased it privately. During that whole time and up till the present I've never seen another example.

Marx made a similar large tin litho dog toy called Running Scotty. It was a clockwork toy also produced in 1938. Several subsequent versions of Scotty were created, but much smaller in size. 

It's a fairly hefty toy weighing nearly a pound. The body is heavy gauge tin litho. It's two tone beige and brown with white markings. It wears a buckled red and yellow, body-strap collar. It has its original red rubber ears and tail. The tail wags from side to side as it moves forward. It runs using three solid black rubber tires (1 small, 2 large). The motor works well although I didn't want to run it across the floor for obvious reasons. The revised Marx logo can be seen on the right rear just above the tail. 

The box was beautifully illustrated in orange, yellow, and brown with a large Spaniel type pup on both main panels."Running Spaniel", "Waggy Tail" and "Friction Powered" were printed around the drawing of the dog. The narrower box panels show the Spaniel from a # perspective view with hanging tongue and smiling face. The endflaps were printed with three schematics and directions for its use. 

Size: 12". 

Sold: Sep. 2010

Price Sold: $ 154


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