1977, All 3 Charlie's Angels Dolls in Original Boxes (1st Version)

1977, All 3 Charlie's Angels Dolls in Original Boxes (1st Version)

I don't sell too many dolls, but when I found this amazing set of all three original Charlie's Angels dolls, complete, never played with, in mint condition, in their original boxes, with original bags, and original plastic hair bands....they were too good to pass up!

Kate Jackson as Sabrina (red jumpsuit), Jaclyn Smith as Kelly (yellow jumpsuit), and Farrah Fawcett Majors as Jill (white jumpsuit). This auction is for all three dolls.

The show ran from 1976-81, however Farrah Fawcett Majors left after only one year. It was one of the most successful television crime drama's of the 1970's, yet like so many other popular icons, spin-off marketed products were sparse. This set of three dolls were the first products to try to capitalize and mass market a true American phenomenon. Like so many other "firsts" they did not sell well. Because of this they're exceedingly scarce.

Common characteristics: All are 9" tall. All come in their original open end plastic bags marked "Made in Hong Kong" which at that time was still a British Colony. All are complete with doll, boots, scarf, and jumpsuit. All have their original clear plastic hairband in place; never removed. The dolls are vinyl with removable boots, rolled-up knee high jumpsuits, and removable scarfs. They have a very close likeness to the actual heroine. And lastly.....All three are in spectacular mint condition. 

Condition not withstanding the boxes are identical. Each box is white with a red, white, and blue illustrated sticker on the front. The names of all three are listed on the bottom of the sticker. A black check mark indicates which doll is in the box.  

The difference between the three dolls is in the condition of their boxes. All were only recently opened. 

Size: Dolls 9". Box 9¼" x 2½" x 3¼".

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 301


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