1962 Buddy L, No. 5436 Self-Loading Auto Carrier in Original Box

1962 Buddy L, No. 5436 Self-Loading Auto Carrier in Original Box

Pressed steel Buddy L Self-Loading Auto Carrier in flawless unused condition. Comes complete with three original autos, original box with inserts, AND original side view mirror (never been connected to the cab). The complete truck and all three cars are in perfect mint condition. The box is near mint!

Only recently removed from sealed original box. Purchased from the estate of the original owner; an elderly couple who bought toys for their grandkids to play with while visiting. Like so many other toys from the collection, it was immediately stored in 1964 and only recently found. 

This is a huge steel truck measuring nearly over two feet long! The cab is deep red, while the trailer and separate ramp are off-white. Both the cab and trailer are permanently connected (they don't separate). 

The cab is nearly fully enclosed by transparent plastic wrap around windshields/windows. Only the upper half of the door windows are open. Still factory taped to the cab's front hood is its sticker advertising "Spring Suspension, Press Here". I tested the spring suspension and it works beautifully. The sticker also held the side view mirror which I removed so it wouldn't get lost. It's never been connected as evidenced by some factory paint partially still covering the insertion holes. 

In addition, both door decals are 100% intact. The front grille has a chrome plated metal headlight assembly protected by a white hard vinyl covering. The front bumper is made from the same material. 

The trailer has six pairs of die cut tire slots to accommodate the car wheels. The back of the trailer has an attached metal ramp which can be manually raised using the side lever. A separate extension slides into position just above the movable ramp. The wheels are deep tread, polyethylene with silver painted centers. 

The set includes its three original hard polystyrene plastic autos; Ford Country Sedan, Ford Ranchero, and Chevrolet Impala. They're all the same red color with gray grille and black wheels. Each has an embossed insignia of the car manufacturer. They all have a steel plate chassis with plastic tires mounted on metal axles. Because of the fragile nature of the polystyrene these are the first perfect examples I've seen of these cars. 

The long box has all red and blue text printed on a white background. One set of endflaps is still factory sealed. The truck model number is printed on the flaps. It was originally shipped from the factory to Ohio and from there distributed to a store in Indiana. The address of these destinations can still be easily read. It also includes its two original inserts which hold the cars in place. 

The combination of this particular truck model, color, length, and cars was not included in the Buddy L Toys book, Volume 1 (if it is I couldn't find it).

Size: 27½". 

Sold: Jul. 2010

Price Sold: $ 1000


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