c.1958 Masudaya, Smoking Golden Falcon in Original Box

c.1958 Masudaya, Smoking Golden Falcon in Original Box

Here's an incredible tinplate toy from the original owner. Stored since new it was a recent attic find and never played with. I've never seen or heard of it before and couldn't find a single reference. It has multiple actions and best of all they all work great!

The toy is a huge 16" long pressed tinplate battery operated locomotive called the Golden Falcon. It features an unusual oblong plate lithoed with a gold winged falcon. Two plates, one on each side near the front of the boiler, are tilted obliquely. I've not seen this on any other toy. 

It's primary colors, dark blue, gold and red were done with metallic paint. Each side has four large spoke wheels with two connecting rods. Everything (plates, wheels, cab, and even the engineer) are all highly embossed. Each side has a long metal rail which begins near the cowcatcher, runs adjacent to a step of ladder stairs near the boiler tip, and run almost the entire length of the train. The rear cab door folds down to hold its 3, D-cell batteries (not included). The door was lithoed with the Masudaya trademark.

The underside is a single embossed black lithoed metal plate. The two rear tires and two "mystery action" swiveling  tires (up front) are solid rubber.

The boiler nose, steam funnel, and start/stop switch are chrome plated metal. There is no plastic on this toy.

In addition to the awesome lithography and its immaculate condition are the actual actions of toy. First there is the stop and go mystery action provided by the swivel wheels. It moves randomly in every direction. Secondly, as it moves it releases a huge smoke flume through the stack. The production of smoke (i.e., steam) is nearly continuous and very, very powerful (see last photo). And third it produces a very loud whistling sound. The release of smoke and sound are  simultaneous. The effect is amazing. And everything works!

The box has a nearly panel wide illustration of the Golden Falcon in action with a trail of steam. The toys actions are advertised on all aprons and front cover. Also included are both original cardboard inserts (one covers the cab rear, the other fits over the boiler nose). 

Plus it has its original yellow printed "Hoot-A-Matic" paper label. It's actually an advertisement specifically for the sound action. Printed in full color and wraps over the top of the cab while sitting in the box. A catalog number 923-4469 is hand stamped several times on the box bottom and one of the cover aprons.

This is one of a collection of toys I purchased from the estate of an elderly couple. They bought a number of toys for their grandchildren to play with so they wouldn't be bored while visiting. Like so many others it was never used.

Size: 16". 

Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 126


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