c.1959 Japan, Tootin' Chugging Locomotive in Orig. Box

c.1959 Japan, Tootin' Chugging Locomotive in Orig. Box

This toy boasts an interesting statistic; it's the longest single piece battery operated toy ever produced! Named the "Cragstan Tootin' Chugging Locomotive" it measures exactly 2 feet long. It's tin litho and was only recently discovered as an attic find in Indiana. It's one of a collection of toys that were originally purchased to keep visiting grand-kids from getting bored. Like many of them it was stored in an attic. Never removed from original box, and never played with. 

It's all embossed tin litho including the underside. Lithoed as the Santa Fe there are eight die cut faux wheels on each side and runs on four solid black rubber wheels. It produces a simultaneous tooting and chugging sound. 

The main bodies are lithoed red with white ends and are loaded with details. A silver strip in the center precisely marks the division between the two locos. The front of each engine is lithoed "Cragstan Tootin Chugging Loco", however Cragstan was the U.S. distributor, not a manufacturer. The train and box are marked only "Made In Japan". I couldn't determine the actual Japanese manufacturer. 

The box is fabulous! It's over 25" long and features a full-panel color illustration on the cover. Its sound and moving actions are advertised on the top and all four aprons. The bottom section is gray-blue and it includes both original inserts. 

Size: 24" x 5" x 3½".

Sold: Apr. 2010

Price Sold: $ 480


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