c.1954 Niedermeier, Jaguar XK120 Police Car in Original Box

c.1954 Niedermeier, Jaguar XK120 Police Car in Original Box

Unusual tinplate Jaguar XK120 (style) Police Coupe produced by Philipp Niedermeier, Nuremberg, Germany. Although the toy isn't marked "Jaguar" its similarity can easily be seen (see photo below), with the "N" emblem on the front grille being the most noticeable difference. Awesome toy in near mint+ condition it was most likely never played with. Best of all it comes complete with its original box. 

The toy features a long hood sports car appearance and is intricately detailed. It's predominately blue and white with an enclosed interior. The windows were lithographed (front, rear, and sides) showing the driver and passenger from all angles. The fenders, front and rear, are embossed which gives it a 3-dimensional appearance. The underside chassis is silvery mirrored polished tin. The top and bottom sections were folded over around the perimeter to connect the two halves and provide and eliminate sharpness.

The car is front wheel friction powered. Although no longer active, sparks generated by the friction motor would light up the red plastic emergency hood light. It also has its original coil spring antenna. The tires are solid black rubber; the front pair have concentric circular treads, while the rear are typical criss-crossed. 

The box was printed entirely in shades of olive green, gray, and black. The front and rear panels show a front view perspective, while the aprons were illustrated with side positions. The endflaps have the manufacturer trademark and catalog number 290.

Size: 8¼". 

Sold: Jul. 2010

Price Sold: $ 250


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