c.1961 Structo, Auto Transport w/3 Metal Vehicles in Original Box

c.1961 Structo, Auto Transport w/3 Metal Vehicles in Original Box

Awesome metallic green, pressed steel No.502 Auto Transport by Structo. Pristine mint in box with inserts. Comes directly from the estate of the original owner (an elderly Indiana couple for their grandchildren). Attic stored since new. Includes unusual combination of three die cast vehicles.

While researching this truck I couldn't find any previous information regarding this specific combination. That is, metallic green cab and trailer with yellow decals, yellow loading ramp, two die cast metal pick-up trucks, and one die cast metal car. The year of manufacture was determined by the square cab and style of the chrome plated front bumper. The pick-up trucks and Cadillac had been in production for some time and are c.1953 models. They all have solid rubber tires. It may possibly be a previously unknown variation.

The truck also features a hinged hitcher, transparent polystyrene plastic front windshield, eight vinyl treaded tires with whitewalls and metal centers, and separate loading ramp which fits into the back of the trailer. The ramp has never been connected to the trailer as evidenced by factory paint still occupying the two slots in the rear (see below). More important..... the cab has never been hitched to the trailer. Even for my photo's I never connected the two sections. Both the hitch and hole are flawless!

It also has its complete set of five unused plastic accessories (wipers, mirrors, and air horn) in their original instruction envelope.  

The box, which was only just recently opened was printed with yellow and green images of the truck along with company and catalog information. It's interesting to point out that the endflaps were illustrated showing four cars, but text just above the drawing concurs that it came with three. Also included is the original long, narrow interior box which secures the three vehicles. A second insert prevents rubbing between the cab and trailer while inside the box. 

Size: Trailer 16½". Cab 8½". Vehicles approx. 6¼". 

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 321


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