c.1966, TKK Japan, Batman Ray Gun in Original Box

c.1966, TKK Japan, Batman Ray Gun in Original Box

Super neat and super rare; The Batman Ray Gun - complete with original box and both original darts. Manufactured by T.K.K. and originally available only in Japan. Works great using original bulb!

By squeezing the trigger and rear yellow hand grip at the same time this all hard plastic hand-held ray gun fires a dart and lights the projection bulb simultaneously! It features a huge full color sticker of Batman with Ray Gun in hand and Japanese text on the stock. A second large die-cut black bat emblem sticker highlighted in gold is on the left rear of the gun, and third sticker of an encircled Bat emblem is at the base on the left grip. A fourth stick on the top center (of the yellow barrel lens projector) has an oval black and white Bat emblem with Japanese text. 

The base of the left grip is embossed "plastic toy", "Made in Japan", and the manufacturer's trademark (which I couldn't identify). "Batman" written in Japanese is embossed with individual letters running vertically down the rear yellow hand grip. Batteries (2, C-cells) are loaded by lifting up the large upper yellow fin.

It has both of its original rubber tipped darts with plastic stems; red and blue. 

The box, which is the first I've seen for this toy features a large color cover illustration of Batman firing the Ray Gun dart and light simultaneously. A second drawing of the gun, in the lower left corner, shows the usefulness of the light by enabling it to shoot at targets in a darkened room. It's loaded with Japanese text. I only familiar with the red text highlighted in white which translates as "Batman". The manufacturer's trademark appears in the lower right corner. 

Each of the four side panels has a different illustration. The front has a large red Batmobile with both Batman and Robin. The left side has a drawing similar to the cover, but shows a smaller graphic of Batman from the shoulders up, along with the toy name. The rear panel shows a side view of the Ray Gun (surrounded by text) with a long horizontal light projection and dart. The right panel has another drawing of the Gun with a shortened light beam. In this case the toy name, printed in red, appears inside the beam along with the black and white Batman emblem. This panel also has it's original 3.50 Yen price sticker! The box bottom is blank, solid blue. The insert is a well-made replacement. 

Size: 10". 

Price Sold: $ 1536


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