1966 Marx, Batman Batarang Bagatelle in Original Box

1966 Marx, Batman Batarang Bagatelle in Original Box

Unusual double plunger tin litho Batman Baterang Bagatelle manufactured by Marx, Swansea, UK in outstanding near mint condition. Comes complete with fantastic comic-style illustrated full color box. Never seen this toy either in print, person, or on the Internet.

Toy features gorgeous 60's style color tinplate graphics; Batman on one end and Robin on the other. Underside is polished tin. Plastic covering is hard polystyrene plastic. The toy is angled upwards at the center. Players aim for one of the opposite end target holes using their plastic spring activated plunger. Scores can be changed either up or down depending on where the marble lands and if it hits another.  

It's a real treat having the box with this toy because it's so beautiful. Includes head shots of Batman and Robin, awesome 1960's Batman logo, a terrific drawing showing Batman flinging the Batarang at a pistol wielding "hood". All are set over backgrounds of red, yellow, green and blue. The Marx UK Swansea logo was printed in the lower right main panel corners. Interestingly, the Marx U.S., Magic Marxie Logo was printed in the lower left on the same panel. The long narrow side panels show a large illustration of the toy, another Batman logo, torso image of Robin, and a complicated 4 step set of instructions. The endflaps are red and include only the toy name. Also both endflaps are original!

Both the toy and box are licensed with copyrighted Nat. Periodical Publications (i.e., DC). 

Size: 20½" x 3½". Center height 1½".

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 295


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