1870 J & E Stevens (UM6), Cast Iron Firecracker Pistol

1870 J & E Stevens (UM6), Cast Iron Firecracker Pistol

Rare toy pistol. Early make and very unusual; it's a cast iron toy Firecracker Pistol manufactured by J & E Stevens. 

Unlike most toy guns this derringer style pistol has no moving parts. It was cast with the hammer cocked upright appearing ready to fire, but it never will. Instead of striking a cap, a small firecracker would be inserted into the end of the barrel. The firecrackers' own explosion would rebound off the interior walls of the barrel propelling it forward. It's a single action, single shot. 

The toy was elegantly styled with a hollow grip center with rope-coil type edges and button tipped at the base. The frame is octagonal shaped with shallow depressions on each face. The trigger guard has fancy scrollwork on each bottom corner while the hammer has a slightly wavy base. As I mentioned the hammer is stationary; it does not move. The barrel is perfectly circular. 

I've shown both sides and top edges of the pistol. In addition I carved a wooden "firecracker" and inserted some black thread to resemble a fuse to show what it would look like. 

This model is listed as designation UM6 (i.e., unmarked) in Cast Iron Toy Pistols, A Collector's Guide by Charles Best.

Size: 4¼". 

Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 204


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