1920 Nagamine Rabbit Drummers,Viscoloid Grandpa Rooster

1920 Nagamine Rabbit Drummers,Viscoloid Grandpa Rooster

From Japan and the U.S.; here's three novelty celluloid animals toys all produced around 1920. The coloring material is all original and without any wear. In fact all 3 appear to have never been played with.

Rabbit Drummers

  • Nagamine (Japan) - trademark logo of a stylish letter "N" inside a 3-leaf clover. 
  • Both are molded identically w/only different coloration 
  • Each is 4¾" tall. 
  • Rabbits are dressed in semi-military uniforms with frocked coat, leggings, and black ankle boots. 
  • One in lavender uniform, w/brass buttons, sleeve trim, pink bow tie, and collar buttons. 
  • Second rabbit dressed in white uniform w/brass buttons, sleeve trim, gold bow tie, pink collar, and collar buttons. 
  • Each carries a drum with shoulder strap slung over left shoulder and are identical in color. 

Grandpa Rooster (rattler)

Viscoloid (U.S.A.) - one of several trademark logos marked only "Made In U.S.A.". Circular shaped. 

  • 5½" tall.
  • Distinguished effigy of an adult rooster with relaxed middle-aged human body. Wearing white collarless shirt, teal vest with black buttons, salmon trousers with cuffs, and dark purple shoes. 
  • Single large rattler inside the toy. 

Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 30


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