1920's Celluloid & Feathered Critters in Biscuit Box

1920's Celluloid & Feathered Critters in Biscuit Box

Here's a bunch of miscellaneous critters that came packed in their original Iten's Fairy Crackers box, home of the Snow White Bakeries!

Lining the box is an original page from the Daily Journal newspaper of Omaha, Nebraska dated December 21, 1926. The outside of the box was labeled "Easter" so I assume these were someone's Easter decorations.

Starting with the celluloid pieces;

  • Large Swan -  4" tall x 4½" long. Unmarked. 
  • Duck or Mallard -  2" tall x 2¾" long. Unmarked. 
  • Orange Lion w/painted details - 3¾" long. Marked "Made in Japan" with manufacturer's mark. 
  • Dog - 2¼" long. Unmarked. 
  • Eohippus (primitive ancient horse) - 2¼", Unmarked

Now some weirder stuff...

  • Hideous paper mache Rooster with feathers, wooden beak, and fabric -  6" tall) and just plain ugly. 
  • Small Chick - 2¼" tall, feels like cotton balls. Couple feathers stuck to its side and cloth feet. Beakless! 
  • Smallest Chick - same description as the one above but he's got his beak. Stands a whopping 1¼" tall. 
  • Black bisque doll with feathers and painted cap - 4" tall, unmarked and hideous. 
  • Flocked Hard Paper Mache Elephant with red blanket - 5½" long, Japanese markings, 
  • ....and last but not least, A 100% Birchbark Canoe souvenir marked Hot Springs, S.D. - 7½" long
  • And now the original box. Marked "Fairy Crackers" it features a large parrot on the cover and sides. "Best For All Soda Cracker Uses" (is there more than one). 10" x 9½" x 4½"

Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 82


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