1937 Wyandotte "Land Cruiser Auto Set" in Original Box

1937 Wyandotte

Outstanding heavy gauge pressed steel coupe and camper called the "Land Cruiser Auto Set" manufactured by Wyandotte (All Metal Products Co.) Produced for only two years 1937-38. Vehicles have their original white rubber tires. The pair comes complete with their scarce original box.

Sleek streamlined design incorporates elongated front hood, tear dropped shaped fenders, and embossed "Wings of Mercury" to confer speed even when standing still. Features include polished tinplate grille assembly, split front windshield, raised letter tires, turn-and-lock trailer hitch, black painted steel flooring (trailer), and open/close rear door (trailer). 

The box was printed with green text which flanked a repeated illustration of the auto and camper on all four panels. Text includes the toy and manufacturer name, address, and catalog number. This was also included on the endflaps.  

Size: Overall length 11¾". Auto 5¾". Trailer 5½". 

Sold: Sep. 2011

Price Sold: $ 980


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