1927 Buddy L No. 1 Tool Chest in Original Wooden Box

1927 Buddy L No. 1 Tool Chest in Original Wooden Box

No tool chest ever produced can match the quality of the Buddy L Tool Chest. This was because the tools were all standard adult quality and size, made by national brand toolmakers.

Four sets (No. 1-4) were produced, but the wooden chests were all identical. This is set No. 1. The tools contained are all correct, however of the 17 items, 6 are missing. BUT.. except for the Buddy L Apron the remaining missing 5 tools are the easiest of all to find. The most difficult tools to locate, especially those with the Buddy L logo are included. 

Of primary consideration is the chest itself. I believe that most of it's maple with pine inserts. The beveled base and sides were stained red and have black trim molding. The black stained lid with molding is over 1½" thick and made of three joined-planed maple planks. The top exterior center of the lid was decorated with an oval containing gold floral ornaments. Exterior corners (both base and lid) are reinforced with black steel ornaments. Hinges are embossed scalloped black steel. Each end has its original black steel handle, while 'front and center' is its original black steel hasp and staple (these prevent it from opening when locked). These steel parts have light surface rust on the highest exposed surface. No corrosion. No pitting. All have majority of their original paint. All are solid and firmly attached to the chest with all their original screws. 

And most important of all, in terms of the exterior, is its original Buddy L Corbin lock. It's brass finished with the "Buddy L" name embossed painted red and "Corbin" name painted black. AND.....it comes with its correct, rare original key which is also marked Corbin. It easily locks and unlocks. Locking arm is rusted, but it doesn't diminish its working ability. The rust can also be removed if you choose. 

The raw wood interior is solid and strong. Raising the lid is smooth. Lowering it provides a snug fit with the base. There is no loosening of the hinges or off-setting of the lid itself. It has its original small tool sliding tray which is complete. Both of its sliding shelves are in place. Interior corner triangular wood block reinforcements are all in place except for one; the upper right corner lid (which I didn't even notice until just now). It's a simple replacement. 

The underside of the lid is complete with its beautiful "yours truly Buddy L" photo decal framed in red and gold. Just below it is its original "tool chest" decal also with red and gold frame.  Both are complete. To either side of the photo and just below it are its three original tack nails. These held the three circular wood cut-out stencils. And of course it has both original paper placards. These are held in place with all eight (one in each corner) original tacks with wide-heads painted black. The document on the left welcomes the young carpenter to the world of Buddy L tools. The one on the right includes the all-important contents list of tools. Both placards are 100% complete with only a tiny tear on the lower left corner of the "welcome" paper. 

And now for the precious tools:

  • Disston 16" 10 point hand saw etched with the Buddy L logo in the center. This is a very difficult piece to find. 
  • Kelly Hammer - solid as a rock and better than any hammer I've seen at Home Depot 
  • Coping Saw No.99A complete with 12 replacement blades still attached to the saw. 
  • Miller's Falls 6" Brace complete with both of its beautiful wooden handles 
  • Screw Driver, Flat Head, 3" 
  • Sargent Plane marked Sargent although I didn't include a photo of the logo. Complete with original blade and all the other stuff which I don't know the names of. 
  • Zig-Zag Rule - 2 feet, yellow, and it still zigs and zags. Folds up evenly. 
  • Disston Wooden Marking Gauge - with original inscribing nail 
  • Dixon Carpenter's Pencil - flat type pencil marked "Made for Buddy L" 
  • Gimlet - piercing tool with 3 interchangeable bits 
  • Buddy L Corbin Lock as already mentioned with key 

Over the years a couple extra tools have been added. This includes:

  • Awl - 4" long with wooden handle and steel screw blade, excellent quality. 
  • Wooden sanding block 

Here's what's missing. 

  • Wood bit 4/16". The Buddy L book says that it should have two bits. But all my research including an original catalog printed specifically for the tool chest shows only one bit. 
  • Try-square - Disston 6" with brass/rosewood handle 
  • Pencil Compass - Eagle brand 
  • Tang Chisel - Greenlee brand
  • Wood Cut-Out set - essentially 3 perfect thin wooden circles - ½", 1", 2" 
  • Apron - printed with "Buddy L Master Tools Moline Pressed Steel Co. East Moline, Illinois". This is probably the only difficult tool to find. 

The Buddy L book also mentions that the set included a wooden miter box and metal pliers. However these aren't listed in the contents placard.

Size of the chest: 24" x 12" x 7". Total weight including tools (unpacked): approximately 15 pounds. 

Sold: Jul. 2011

Price Sold: $ 548


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