1939 Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Enlistment Form

1939 Buck Rogers Solar Scouts Enlistment Form

Obtainable only through your "local newspaper featuring Buck Rogers comics" this Enlistment Form permitted entry into the Buck Rogers Interplanetary Solar Scouts. Actually the name "Solar Scouts" was in the process of being replaced by "Rocket Rangers". Once you filled it out and sent it in along with a 3¢ stamped self addressed envelope you'd receive your official "Identification Card with SECRET NUMBER". 

Just the idea of this form, printed on thin colored newsprint paper, packed inside a newspaper for free; most were filled out, sent in, or destroyed over time. Somehow this example survived, intact, and without ever being filled in. It's the first one of these I've seen. It's actually more difficult to find than the Identification Card!

The image of Buck Rogers was drawn by the strips original artist Dick Calkins. Printed in black on green newsprint paper.

This particular example was only recently discovered folded up in some kids (now ancient) wallet. Miraculously it survived without a single tear or stain. 

The form with the "Solar Scouts" designation was issued for only one year. Later in 1939 the same form was reissued, but the Solar Scouts title was replaced with Rocket Rangers. The Solar Scouts name had been in use since 1936.

Size: 7" x 11". 

Sold: Aug. 2011

Price Sold: $ 39


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