c.1941 Marx Tractor, Trailer & Plow Set in Original Box

c.1941 Marx Tractor, Trailer & Plow Set in Original Box

From the famed Kaufman Collection (started KB Toys) comes this awesome 4-piece tin litho and steel clockwork set. Includes tractor, driver, trailer, and scraper...all in original box, plus plow instruction sheet. Also includes original auction hang tag from Bertoia Auctions. Appears to have never been used.

Tractor has an orange and yellow embossed tinplate body with rounded front grille. The internal motor has a pressed steel housing giving the piece a hefty overall weight. It's start/stop switch is located just in front of the driver. Wheels are painted steel litho. The front pair swivel slightly enabling it to make wide turns. It uses narrow ½" black rubber treads which are original to the toy. It also has a chrome plated steel hitch. The wind-up key is attached. The tractor rear is lithoed with the post-1939 Marx trademark. The separately attached driver is all tin litho and although he has some "side-marks" it's never been inserted into the seat. Best of all it works great!

Beautifully lithoed red and yellow trailer hitches to the tractor with its silver painted steel pull-rod. The balloon style wheels are tin plate. These are neatly colored with red exterior and yellow inner side-walls. 

Plow is bright silvery pressed aluminum and clips on to the front of the tractor. 

The box is all text printed with only the toy name, manufacturer name and address, trademarks, and "World's Largest Manufacturer of Toys". It doesn't have the typical "do you have all of them" statement. One end is missing one inner and one exterior endflap. It also comes with its original schematic instruction sheet showing assembly of the plow to the tractor. And of course the Bertoia Auction tag comes with it. 

Size: Tractor 8½". Tractor w/trailer and plow 16½". 

Sold: Jul. 2011

Price Sold: $ 331


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