c.1923 Dent, Cast Iron "Coast to Coast" Bus; 2nd Casting

c.1923 Dent, Cast Iron

Pristine mint condition, all original factory paint, "Coast to Coast" cast iron bus manufactured by Dent Hardware. Originally purchased with provenance from the Donald Kaufman collection, founder of KB Toys. Comes complete with original auction hang tag.

The "Coast to Coast" bus was originally manufactured by Dent approximately in 1923. This example is a second casting made from the original brass pattern. The actual date of manufacture, and where it was found by Mr. Kaufman are unknown. Quite frequently 2nd castings can be just as difficult to find as the originals. Sometimes information regarding their date of manufacture and the number produced were noted, but not in this case. 

Several 2nd casting cast iron toys were present when Mr. Kaufman's collection was sold at auction. However, to my knowledge this was the only one graded as Mint Condition by Bertoia Auctions. It is brilliant orange with flat black roof and silver painted trim. The wheels are nickel plated cast iron with red painted centers. The front wheels are single mounted while the rear are tandem (6 total). It was not originally produced with a driver.

Size: 15". (The 1st casting was also 15" long").

Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 660


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