c.1936 Nomura/Tomiyama "Air Park" in Original Box

c.1936 Nomura/Tomiyama

Early clockwork tin litho "Air Park" manufactured in Japan by Nomura and Tomiyama. First example I've seen of this scarce pre-war toy. Comes with both monoplanes with their original celluloid propellers, complete original box with paper label, plus original insert. 

Like several other pre-war American air toys it uses a central clockwork motor housed inside a 360º "silo". Two monoplanes connected together with metal rods rotate around the silo. Their connection to the "silo" was made at an angle on the side of the conical shaped roof. This permits the planes to raise and lower as they revolve. As they pick up speed the individual propellers will also spin. 

Unlike many toys of this type the monoplanes are extremely well detailed showing wing, tail, and engine lithography. They also feature a separate pilot head complete with goggles and flying cap. Each is marked "Made In Japan". They have their original red and blue celluloid propellers. The red propeller is partially cracked on one end, but is still complete. 

The central tower or silo with lithoed with several early mono and bi plane models. Some are shown on the ground, some in the air, and in its hanger. The airport with multicolored sunset (and even the silhouette of an automobile) fill out the design. Both the Nomura and Tomiyama trademarks are included. The embossed base is deep blue. 

The early style thin walled cardboard box features a large applied print of the Air Park with both planes circling the checkerboard tower. Again, trademarks of both companies are present as well as some Japanese text. It's simple U-shaped insert is still inside the box. One of the bottom endflaps is stamped with a catalog number and has its original  ".25" price written in light pencil.

Size: Planes 3" wingspan, 2½" fuselage. 12" rod width. Tower 6½" tall.

Sold: Jun. 2011

Price Sold: $ 791


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