1957 Buddy L #5512 Sand & Stone Dump Truck in Original Box

1957 Buddy L #5512 Sand & Stone Dump Truck in Original Box

Incredible Buddy L pressed steel "Sand and Stone" Dump Truck in original box. Phenomenal near mint+ in box condition and never played with! Beautiful and unusual color combination which includes a gorgeous salmon (pink/orange) hood, cab, and trailer frame with pale yellow dump bed. 

All pressed steel construction with manual dump lever on left side. Features one-piece chrome plated grille assembly, hinged tailgate, and four deep-tread black rubber tires with silver painted centers. Decals on both passenger and drivers doors include "Sand and Stone" on red colored reverse flag with "Buddy L" in red text. 

Red on white printed box features an intricate illustration of the Sand and Stone Dump Truck in a construction setting. Road workers behind the truck are shown smoothing out dumped materials. The driver appears to be watching from a non-existent rear view mirror. A shovel and bucket loader can be seen in the background. Opposite panels feature the Buddy L name along with four other construction vehicles; each inside its own small circle. Endflaps were printed with the toy and manufacturer name. 

It's interesting to point out that the endflaps were originally printed with catalog number 5502. This is the same truck produced one year earlier in 1956. That particular model was sold with 6 wheels and was the specific truck illustrated on the box. The boxes were apparently reused the following year with the original catalog numbers restamped 5512 to reflect the revised truck.

Size: 14½". 

Sold: Jun. 2011

Price Sold: $ 381


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