c.1936 Marx "Tricky Taxi" in Original Box

c.1936 Marx

Outstanding clockwork tin litho Marx, "Tricky Taxi" complete with original box and key. Fantastic condition with both the toy and box grading excellent+ to near mint.

Brilliant deep orange and pale yellow the car was designed with the classic streamlining which was popular at the time. Even the beautifully chrome plated grille assembly has a streamlined "flow" to it. Although both rear wheel rotate only the left rear provides power. The rear right wheel axle extends out just slightly farther than the body of the car. It's used to pivot and/or follow the outline of any upright object. The entire vehicle pivots on a steel ball bearing embedded to the underside of the chassis. The combination of these three movements was designed to prevent it from falling off a table top; but this didn't always work. 

The toy was originally produced with a separate tin litho base. The base was available only during the first year it was produced, 1935. The base had a small hole punched in the center. A match or similar thin object was placed in the hole. The extended rear axle was then intended to spin around the upright match. Once production of the base had ended there was no longer any need for the extended axle. The axle was shortened sometime in 1937. This feature, plus the trademark design, helps date the toy to one of the earliest versions.  

The all text box was printed with the toy name and a short paragraph of instructions. The manufacturer name, address, and trademark were also included.

An old key is included. It is the correct style and size, but looks too clean to be the original. 

Size: 4½".

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 246


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